As a nonprofit we rely on your support to keep fighting for our mission of artist empowerment. Every donation matters. Thank you. Please Donate!

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CASH Music donation

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CASH Music is a registered non-profit in Oregon. All your support makes a huge difference.

Jackson Shirt (New Silver)

Printed on American Apparel 50/50 shirt. Designed by Jesse Von Doom.

Logo Shirt (Heather Grey)

Printed on Royal Apparel 50/50 shirt. Designed by Henry Owings.

Lawsuit Shirt (Black)

Designed by Henry Owings. Printed by Night Owls Print Shop.

What happens to my donation?

Your contribution will go directly towards operating costs. As a nonprofit we have no owners or investors — we rely on you to help us do this work ensuring there will be free, open, and accessible tools for artists.

This year we've received major support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, brought our platform out of beta, run three summits and a music track at MozFest — all while lucky enough to work with amazing artists like The Joy Formidable, Zola Jesus, John Carpenter, Run The Jewels & Bikini Kill. For them we built physical+digital single sales widgets, a dynamic promo video, email-for-download campaigns, scraped social networks for tagged images, and created a fully integrated store which we will be launching soon. — This has all been worked into our platform, totally free and open source. We're small, scrappy, and pushing as hard as we can. With your help we know we can build a better future for musicians everywhere.