CASH Music development roadmap

We use github to help track and build the platform, and we'd like to make sure all that work and planning is as easy to see as possible. We've set up this roadmap page to give a look at what's next, and share a little insight into where the platform is going.

Are you a developer wanting to learn more? See our developer documentation.

Alpha Hosted (November 19)

The goal of this milestone is to simply get the existing platform up in a hosted multi-user environment with secure token connections and page publishing.

  • OAuth connections (or alternative)
  • Cloud Installer #228
    • / Appfog
    • Support config in ENV variables
  • Lightweight admin “CMS”
    • New admin mainpage #232
    • Publishing mustache templates / editor #231
    • Page publish / preview #230
  • Admin protection between user accounts #211
  • Close/suspend account mechanism #233
Beta Hosted Cleanup (December 3)

With the hosted platform up and running, this next milestone focuses on usability, interface design, and expanding basic services.

  • Help interface
  • Playlist editor
  • Playlist element
  • UX refinements
  • Port the admin interface to Zurb Foundation #236
  • Mobile interface for admin
  • Mobile support for all elements
  • Contacts instead of people for lists
  • New/expanded connections

Public Hosted (December 17)

Rounding out final features, making improvements, and getting ready for a public launch. This milestone might change shape a little, but the goal is to be ready to open the doors.

  • Subscriptions (recurring payments)
  • Assets-for-list (group downloads)
  • Drag and drop enhancements for the “CMS” stuff
  • Lightweight CRM components
  • Improve tagging
  • Data export for artists
  • Anonymous system data export for public analysis / research
  • soundandvision.js
  • Media gallery element
  • More tourdate customization
  • Central venue database
  • CC and custom license support interface for elements
  • New/expanded connections
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Songkick
    • MailChimp
    • Mandrill

  • Internationalization
  • Federation
  • Physical items
  • Shopping cart
  • Finish RESTful API
  • New/expanded connections
    • Amazon Payments
    • Dwolla
    • Songkick
    • SoundCloud
  • Analytics visualizations
  • Dynamic lists