Music shapes the world around us.

Musicians are leaders, uniting us with songs & ideas. CASH Music is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering artists through free and open tools for the web, story-driven education, and new kinds of funding. Bottom line: we help musicians find careers that are healthy for their art and for them.

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Our Tools

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We make free & open tools that connect all the services you already use in one place.

Sell music using your own Stripe or Paypal account. Make download codes using files from your Amazon S3 or Google Drive Account. Sync all your mailing lists to MailChimp automatically. All free, now and forever. Our open tools put you at the center of your career.

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Watt is our publication dedicated to asking and answering the questions that matter.

Watt explores the economic, technology, culture, and health issues facing musicians. Tools are only as good as the knowledge behind them. Watt features experience and ideas from musicians, research from writers and academics, and editorial writing. Together we can build a world that sustains a healthy artist class.

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Revolving Fund

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We provide access to capital.

The CASH Music Revolving Fund is a work in progress, imagining a new way forward for funding. Sometimes all an artist needs to unlock earnings from their work is some up-front money to pay for merch, production, etc. The Revolving Fund is a pay-it-forward no-interest lending program designed to to help artists as entrepreneurs.

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